Animal Farm
NSW Public Schools Drama Company presents the Shake & Stir Theatre Company adaptation of

Animal Farm

16-17 June

‘Four legs good, two legs bad’ … one of the most controversial and studied political commentaries, Shake & Stir’s adaptation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm  will be thrust into the contemporary spotlight by the 2016 NSW Public Schools Drama Company.


Become engrossed in the conceptual theatricality as you begin to question notions of authority, power, freedom and corruption, then see if you can decide on the answer: Are some more equal than others?


Adapted for the stage, Australian company Shake & Stir have written a version of Orwell’s novel that encapsulates the corruption of power and how we can’t help but use it for our own means when it is available to us. How can we stay true to our ideals and what lengths will we go to when we’re in the driver’s seat?


The NSW Public Schools Drama Company comprises 20 students from public schools across NSW who excel in the craft of performance. Animal Farm is the culmination of their work in the NSW Drama Ensemble program through The Arts Unit. For more information about The Arts Unit visit