Stop Adani Roadshow
350 Australia presents

#StopAdani Roadshow

29 March

Adani is back.
This huge coal company is pushing its plans for what would be the largest coal mine in Australia’s history. This project is one of the single biggest threats to our climate.


In recent years, people across Australia stood up to Adani’s megamine, and last year it seemed like Adani had walked away. But now, they are back and they’ve brought unthinking support from State and Federal governments.


Right now, Adani is winning. We will need everyone to push back.


They are clearing government approvals out of the way. They are touring across Australia peddling their plans. They are clamouring for billions of dollars in loans – including $1billion from Australian taxpayers. That’s why a movement of people across Australia have vowed to #StopAdani.


Together, we are pushing back. We are calling on our governments to turn their backs to Adani. We are fighting Adani in the courts. We are demanding that our banks say no to handing over cash to this disastrous coal project.


People power can stop Adani. In fact, it’s our best and only remaining chance. This is our line in the sand. That’s why the #StopAdani Roadshow is touring the country, spreading the word about this climate catastrophe, and letting everyone know how you can get active!


The #StopAdani Roadshow has been organised by 350 Australia with help from many of the organisations across the nation working to #StopAdani.


The roadshow kicks off from the 27th-31st of March, travelling through Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne. We want to pack the halls, so let your friends know! Secure your seat now!


If you are interested in volunteering on the night, please email with your name and contact number. P.S. Please purchase a ticket in advance.