Sport for Jove and Seymour Centre present


by William Shakespeare

16 - 19 Jun 2021

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Due to physical distancing requirements, the theatre will operate at 50% reduced capacity during school shows. School groups will be spaced apart according to NSW Government guidelines. If spacing is required within your school group, please contact

The booking teacher will be listed as the school group’s point-of-contact for contact tracing.

Schools are responsible for ensuring that any staff and students who are unwell, awaiting a COVID test result, or under instruction to self-isolate do not attend. 

Masks are encouraged, but ultimately up to the discretion of schools.

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No Shakespearean play is more moving or offers a more modern x-ray of contemporary political tensions.

A general from outside Venice - enlisted as a child soldier at the age of seven - now leads a Christian naval force in what appears to be a fully assimilated and enlightened racial environment. Until his sexuality crosses a boundary that stirs latent hatreds and xenophobic fears of the ‘other’. Venice, a city resting precariously on its own watery grave, and Cyprus, a frontier surrounded by enemies and a hostile ocean, are the battlefields upon which family, love, community, trust, ambition, and jealousy are put on the severest trial.

Relentless, dark, and even darkly funny, Othello disturbs in us the very real thoughts we don’t dare to share, even to think, and the very real things people do to each other.


Image credit: Seiya Taguchi 

"My students and I just love the spirit that drives you to make words have real and personal meaning. You infuse the theatre with that energy - it's priceless and addictive! Thank you for putting such time and effort into this show. It was brilliant. The kids were just rapt."
Drama Teacher, Barker College

Writer William Shakespeare
Director Damien Ryan
Producer Cat Dibley
Lighting Designer Martin Kinane
Sound Designer James Brown
Set Designer Jonathan Hindmarsh
Costume Designer Jonathan Hindmarsh

School groups $28 per student. One teacher free per 10 students, additional teachers at student price.

Full payment for this show is due 21/04/2021

Years 7 – 11
Stage 4 English, Drama
Stage 5 English, Drama
Stage 6 (Preliminary) English

A detailed online Student Resource Kit will be available for all bookings.

Workshops can be organised through Sport for Jove, please contact if you would like further information.

York Theatre

Wed 16 Jun 11:30am
Thu 17 Jun 10am, 1pm
Fri 18 Jun 10am, 1pm
Sat 19 Jun 7pm

110 minutes (no interval).

All Tickets $28

One teacher free per 10 students, additional teachers at student price.

$6 transaction fee applies.

Contains physical violence, adult themes, sexual references, coarse language, gender violence, haze smoke, loud or sudden sounds, and use of prop weapons. Photography and filming prohibited.

The only authorised ticket seller for this event is Seymour Centre. If you purchase from an unauthorised seller, you risk that your tickets may be fake or invalid.

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