The Great Ideas Performance Series is Seymour’s signature program, presenting performances that engage with significant issues of our time, provoking thought and public discourse around big contemporary questions.


This program embraces the Centre’s role as the University of Sydney’s performing arts venue, developing and presenting performances in partnership with academics both in the creation of new work and by complementing productions with expert commentary inspired by the ideas explored by artists within the Series.


The Great Ideas Performance Series believes that both the head and the heart can be stirred to make compelling theatre, deeply relevant to the world in which we live and, on occasion, inspiring change.


This Series joins the Reginald Program of new works from emerging arts companies and our Arts Education program as Seymour’s three core streams of activity.


All Seymour programs strive to:

  • Investigate and reveal important questions of our time;
  • Champion cultural exploration and build the widest possible audience engagement;
  • Connect the intellectual expertise of the University of Sydney with outstanding Australian artists to make new performance work that investigates big ideas and expand existing art-form boundaries