Chinese Wisteria Dancing at Sydney Huaxing Arts Group present

Wisteria Blooming III Nature Is Speaking

29 Oct 2017

Nature is essential to every aspect of human life. With a growing population, it is more important than ever to conserve Earth’s natural resources.


In 2014, Conservation International released a series of videos entitled “Nature Is Speaking”. In these videos, A-list stars such as Julia Roberts and Harrison Ford personify nature and highlight environmental issues. Watch them here.


Following the release of these videos, Chinese Wisteria Dancing at Huaxing Arts Group created Wisteria Blooming III – Nature Is Speaking – an original and innovative dance performance. Presented in four chapters, this event combines the original videos with dance works and recitals from the hosts.


Earth, water, forests, coral and flora are portrayed across thirteen dance works, in Chinese classical, folk dance and contemporary dance.


Wisteria Blooming III will guide the audience into a world of nature. Various Chinese elements and floral costumes enable the audience to experience the fairyland nature, the passion of the grasslands and mountains, and the tenderness of sea breezes.


Wisteria Blooming III ends with a dance – “Call of Green Shade”. This dance merges Yi national characteristics with the reality of the environmental theme.


Title Sponsor: Tasman Group
Support: Sydney Huaxing Arts Group
Sponsor / Media Support: Canning, Hotlink Media, Super Fish Media, DTV, Nanhai Culture Media