BONTOM presents

Unfinished Works

Written by Thomas De Angelis

23 March - 2 April




When the famous contemporary artist Frank Ralcoh is unable to produce work for an important commission, she seeks help from Isabel, the daughter of her sworn enemy. How much further will Frank go to finish her work?


From the team that brought you “Jack Killed Jack” (2012), and “The Worst Kept Secrets” (2014), BONTOM presents Unfinished Works.


Celebrated contemporary artist Frank Ralcoh (played by Lucy Goleby) is a woman who has never separated her life from her art. Incredibly successful, Frank has a reputation that precedes her. When she finds herself creatively blocked and unable to paint, Frank begins to worry that her entire body of work has been meaningless, and her life, pointless. To top it all off – some of her work has just been stolen by a rambunctious property developer.


When Frank meets university student and aspiring artist Isabel (Contessa Treffone), they hatch a plan to test the power of their art, and change the course of their lives.


Delivering an incisive portrayal of contemporary Sydney and its culture, Unfinished Works explores the sacrifices we make in the pursuit of our life’s work.