The Jewelers Shop
Artes Christi presents

The Jewelers Shop

by Pope John Paul II

25 October

"Theatre, poetry and music, all beautifully intertwined."


Before he was a pope, before he was even a priest, John Paul II (Karol Wojytla) was a playwright and actor in Poland’s Rhapsodic Theatre, a secret underground theatre movement strictly prohibited by the Nazis. With original performances under candlelight with no sets, props or even an audience, the Rhapsodic plays instead relied entirely on the truth and drama of “the word.” The Jewelers Shop is the most famous of these plays and is a deeply moving insight into St John Paul’s extraordinary understanding of love, relationships and marriage.

To capture the essence of the Rhapsodic style, John Paul II also specifically indicated that The Jewelers Shop is to be performed in a recitative form (reading only). This method, though unusual, provides the perfect atmosphere for this profoundly beautiful meditation on human love.

“This is not a play in the normal sense – it is more of an experience, an experience of the soul.”