The Dismissal
Squabbalogic and Seymour Centre present

The Dismissal

A Pre-World Premiere

18 - 22 Jun 2019

Before Rudd, Gillard, Rudd, Abbott and Turnbull there was Gough Whitlam


This is history. Everything you will see in this play actually happened exactly the way we present it… including the singing and the dancing.


1975: In an unprecedented move, the unelected Governor General and representative of the Queen, Sir John Kerr, sacked the democratically elected Labor government and installed leader of the opposition Liberal party Malcolm Fraser as Prime Minister, thus turning Down Under upside down.


Award-winning music theatre powerhouse Squabbalogic returns from the wilderness, bringing the dark intrigue, larrikin humour and larger than life characters of The Dismissal to the stage in this vibrant, exuberant and rage-filled new Australian musical.


This Pre-World Premiere production provides a glimpse inside the creative process and invites the audience to participate in shaping the future of a new work. Don’t miss this limited work-in-progress event presentation as we develop, refine and redraft a new theatrical work before your eyes.


Book by Blake Erickson & Jay James-Moody
Music & Lyrics by Laura Murphy


With Blake Appelqvist, Georgie Bolton, Christian Charisiou, Andrew Cutcliffe, Jodie Harris, Marney McQueen, Monique Sallé, Justin Smith, Bishanyia Vincent and Matthew Whittet


Director Jay James-Moody
Choreographer Chiara Assetta
Musical Supervisor Steven Kreamer  
Musical Director Andrew Worboys
Casting Director Daisy Hicks, CGA
Set Design Sean Minahan
Costume Design Elizabeth Franklin
Hair & Makeup Supervisor Georgina Hopson
Lighting Design James Wallis
Sound Supervisor Jessica James-Moody
Sound Design Aubtin Namdar
AV Design Kenney Ogilvie


Production Manager Kaleigh Wilkie-Smith
Stage Manager Bronte MacInnes
Deputy Stage Manager Abby Gallaway
Assistant Stage Manager Lauren Holmes
Wardrobe Supervisor Jane Seldon
Wardrobe Assistants Samantha Zenere, Bobbi Rickards
Set Assistant Jovanka Vojvodic
Radio Mic Technician Laura Campbell