Tangents and Cycle
New Music Network presents

Tangents and Cycle ~ 440

1 August

Tangents (Sydney)
Tangents is an improvised music ensemble that negotiates a post-everything mesh of styles through its genre-crossing instrumentation and collision of musical backgrounds, with members of London electronica duo Icarus, postpunk experimental duo Spartak, post-jazz trio Triosk and FourPlay String Quartet.

Tangents are: Ollie Bown – computer, Peter Hollo – cello, electronics, Shoeb Ahmad – guitar, computer, Adrian Lim-Klumpes – piano, flute, electronics, Evan Dorrian – drums

Cycle ~ 440 (Perth)
Variations On Ascending Structures
Perth-based Electro-acoustic piano/laptop duo Cycle~ 440 present a concert program in support of their projected 2013 release “The Topography of Ascending Structures”. The conclusion of their ‘constructions’ trilogy, that began in 2011 with “The Geography of Collapsing Structures”, Variations On Ascending Structures reworks central ideas, motifs and concepts from Cycle~ 440‘s new album into a vibrant network of texture and melody in a semi-improvised setting.

Cycle~ 440 are Sam Gillies and Kevin Pen.