Sydney Uni Queer Revue 2018 presents

Queerer Things

17-19 May 2018

There’s a spectre haunting Hawkins, IN. Kids are going missing. Pets are dying. Everyone hates Cindy Lauper. As always, everybody blames the Gays – except this time, they’re right.


Join Queer Revue for the gayest event of the year* as we enter the moist and strangely warm cavity of the Upside Down in search of Will Byers. Was he devoured by the Demogorgon? Did he fall prey to the Gay Agenda™? Does he like Cindy Lauper?


Only one way to find out.


Queerer Things is showing in the Reginald Theatre May 17-19. Get your tickets now before Tony Abbott buys them all so no one else can.


The Sydney University Queer Revue is an annual sketch comedy show presented by the University of Sydney Union as part of the Identity Revue season.


*gayer than Mardi Gras (sorry)


Warning – This production contains nudity, violence, drug use, coarse language, adult themes and sexual references. Restricted to years 16+


Directors: Grace Franki and Henry Hulme

Assistant Director: Aiden Magro

Producer: Harriet Cronley

Assistant Producer: Ruby Innes