The Sydney University Musical Theatre Ensemble presents


21 - 24 Mar 2018


Performing in Sydney for the first time in eight years, the Sydney University Musical Theatre Ensemble (MUSE) is proud to present the rarely staged Tony Award winning musical PARADE.


“Being Southern’s not just being in the South.”


A lesson Leo Frank – a Brooklyn-raised Jewish man, lost in his new life in Atlanta, Georgia – is quick to learn when he is accused of the murder of thirteen year old Mary Phagan.


Suddenly at the centre of a sensationalised media crusade and a trial riddled with corruption, Leo finds himself standing against a town incensed by fear and xenophobia – a town that has decided him already guilty and won’t stop until their idea of justice is realised. His only hope lies in a Governor torn between politics and principles, and a wife that only wishes to fit in, but whose strength and love for Leo becomes the greatest beacon of hope in this enduring moment in history.


PARADE tells the true story of one of history’s most haunting injustices.  Written by the industry greats Jason Robert Brown and Alfred Uhry, and performed by a combined cast, crew and orchestra of 75, this is one production not to be missed.


This event contains adult themes including sexual references. Recommended for ages 18+.