Sydney Festival presents

Othello: The Remix

Chicago Shakespeare Theater & Richard Jordan Productions LTD

23 - 26 January

"Absolutely brilliant...just as Shakespeare helped shape English, rap has dramatically refashioned it"

Chicago Sun-Times


Chicago hip-hop sensation.

Q Brothers take their inspiration from the original genius lyricist: Shakespeare. Together, the brothers create fiery, feisty musical ad-rap-tations of Shakespeare’s plays.

MC Othello gets out of the ghetto and goes straight to the top. He wins the respect of the music industry, the adulation of fans and the heart of the beautiful singer Desdemona. But he’s also attracted the spite of hip-hop purist Iago, who has something more sinister planned for Othello than a rap battle.

Innovative, intelligent and street smart, Othello: The Remix turns the volume up on Shakespeare’s rhymes and rhythms for a new generation to tune into.

Suitable for age 10+