Seymour Centre presents Vivid at Seymour

New Wave: Sound – Abstraction & Pathology

Anthony Pateras, Natasha Anderson, Erkki Veltheim

7 June

Three ground-breaking explorations into the nexus of electro-acoustic composed and improvised music by three of Australia’s most adventurous composer/performers: Anthony Pateras, Natasha Anderson and Erkki Veltheim. Pateras will feature in all three sets on either piano, prepared piano or analogue electronics.

First up the mesmerising continuums of Chasms – a solo extended prepared piano work from 2007 since performed all over Europe, and at one particularly memorable concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in 2006.  Secondly, Kayfabe (Pateras/Anderson electronics duo) will immerse the audience in a deliriously fresh multi-speaker electro-acoustic work composed especially for Vivid 2013.  Lastly, Pateras will be joined by improvising violin virtuoso Erkki Veltheim, Australia’s go-to man for his jaw-dropping command of just what to do with four strings and a hunk of wood in any conceivable creative context.

Sydney audiences may remember Pateras from his controversial Autophagy at the Sydney Opera House written for the ACO in 2007, or his explosive openings for Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane at the 2012 Sydney Festival.  Whatever the context, this is music which protests the digital abstraction of everyday life, which lives on the edge and in the moment, which strives for something real.  Returning from Europe for one night only, this is a Pateras concert not to be missed.