Sydney Festival 2017 presents

LOVE Play Reading

20 Jan

LOVE, SLUT and SHIT share a language which is rough and vulgar most of the time yet beautiful at others. It’s a language of the street made bearable by a gritty poeticism. The plays are about women who have been cheated of a good life, who have been abused, who are almost forsaken. They’re tough. They’re in your face. They’re hilarious sometimes. And they’re powerful. Susie Dee directs a staged reading of both LOVE and SLUT to accompany the season of SHIT. Seen together, these works express the talent of Patricia Cornelius, a powerful voice in theatre.


LOVE: Three characters desperately seek love in a loveless world.


SLUT: The girls love Lolita because she’s outrageous and feisty and sexual, and then they hate her.