In the Spotlight Dance Festival 2019

17 - 28 Jun 2019

In The Spotlight Dance Festival presents the dance programs in primary and high schools across the NSW DoE Metropolitan South and Regional South Directorates and beyond.


The aim of the dance festival is to showcase high quality, well-choreographed items that use the dance syllabus as the foundation for creating work with integrity and merit. The focus of the dance festival is on producing excellence in dance and promoting the high calibre of students and teachers; the dancers and choreographers in our schools.


For more information, head to the In the Spotlight Dance Festival website


Program 1 Mon 17 Jun 6:30pm
Program 2 Mon 17 Jun 8:15pm
Program 3 Tues 18 Jun 6:30pm
Program 4 Tues 18 Jun 8:15pm
Program 5 Wed 19 Jun 6:30pm
Program 6 Wed 19 Jun 8:15pm
Program 7 Thurs 20 Jun 6:30pm
Program 8 Thurs 20 Jun 8:15pm
Program 9 Fri 21 Jun 6:30pm
Program 10 Fri 21 Jun 8:15pm
Program 11 Mon 24 Jun 6:30pm
Program 12 Mon 24 Jun 8:15pm
Program 13 Tues 25 Jun 6:30pm
Program 14 Tues 25 Jun 8:15pm
Program 15 Wed 26 Jun 6:30pm
Program 16 Wed 26 Jun 8:15pm
Program 17 Thurs 27 Jun 6:30pm
Program 18 Thurs 27 Jun 8:15pm
Program 19 Fri 28 Jun 6:30pm
Program 20 Fri 28 Jun 8:15pm