Improv Theatre Sydney and Seymour Centre present

HSC Drama Group Performance Workshop

9 Apr - 8 May 2019

“Quit staring at the brainstorm page and get on your feet!” These Group Performance workshops presented by Improv Theatre Sydney (ITS), get students active and give them the tools to create a dynamic performance.


During these 3-hour workshops your students will develop improvisation skills that can be used in creating their own stories. The hardest part of group devised projects is processing the brainstorming and choosing the best material to support the ideas in putting the work on the floor. We’ll teach students how to communicate their ideas, make and accept offers, how to create their own work in a collaborative environment, script their ideas, and perform these stories using different forms and theatre techniques. We are also offering a workshop in July, to help students finalise their concepts and ideas.


ITS faculty members have extensive improvisation and performance based backgrounds, having worked on screen and stage both in Australia and abroad. The workshop leaders have all worked extensively in high schools, so they know how to best support students in finding innovative ways to approach devising projects.


Teacher resources will be available for every booking.


Suitable for Year 11 – 12 Drama students.