Double Think
Force Majeure and Seymour Centre

Double Think

A double bill by Byron Perry

21 - 24 August


It’s safe to say that our relationship with TV has changed dramatically over the last decade – but aren’t those of us that grew up with it just a little bit uneasy when we read articles saying that TV is dead? Whilst we sit on our couches bathed in the luminescence of our smart phones and tablets, the Television is desperately contorting itself through whatever digital hoops necessary to escape the redundancy that threatens.

Gogglebox is a nostalgic romp for a short attention span, a truly analog experience of the psychological relationship that we all have had and may continue to have with our beloved box.



Byron Perry presents a shifting world of light and shadow with this playful investigation into opposition. Through movement-based conversations, one tall man and one short woman make imperfect sense as they shed some dark on a light subject in a complex world of simple objects. Double Think utilises performer-operated lighting and live set manipulation to create a constantly evolving landscape of relativity.

A mischievous exchange between movement and inertia, light and dark, this is a marvel of motion from an award-winning creator.

Double Think is part of the 2013 Reginald Season.


FREE Post Show Q&A: Martin del Amo in conversation with Byron Perry - Saturday 24 August, 2pm

Following the 2pm performance on Saturday 24 August, join Martin del Amo, originally from Germany, and now a Sydney-based choreographer and dancer, in conversation with Force Majeure Associate Director Byron Perry.

As a performing artist based in Melbourne Byron has developed and performed roles with Douglas Wright, Leigh Warren, Chunky Move, Paul Selwyn Norton, Lucy Guerin, Ballet Lab, DV8 Physical Theatre, Force Majeure, Antony Hamilton Projects and KAGE Physical Theatre.

Byron’s work has been consistently recognised by the Australian Dance Awards and Greenroom Awards, in 2006 he received an Australian Dance Award for ‘outstanding performance by a male dancer’ and won ‘Best Male Dancer’ at the Greenroom Awards for his years work. In 2011 he was awarded the inaugural Harold Mitchell fellowship for professional development in direction and choreography.

For more information on Byron please click here.

Duration: 30 minutes