Delectable Shelter
Critical Stages and The Hayloft Project present

Delectable Shelter

Written and Directed by Benedict Hardie

13 - 17 August


Delectable Shelter is a riotous, no-holds-barred portrait of western society, facing the end of the world as they know it. It features 1980s pop songs mashed up with classical music by the extraordinary Benny Davis (The Axis of Awesome), striking and beautiful design elements, and a hilarious cast of actors and singers.

In a bunker deep under the Earth’s surface, the last five humans left alive sip wine and set up house. A wealthy family and a mysterious scientist, their job is to ensure the human race survives for the 350 years it takes before it is safe to return above ground. As they plan a utopian future, they struggle with first-world problems, white elitism, and a bizarre but necessary breeding program. Their hilarious situation contrasts with the darkness of the underground; and is all mixed up with an extraordinary choir belting out 1980’s love ballads.

From award-winning company The Hayloft Project with Critical Stages, Delectable Shelter is an unpredictable, laugh-out-loud funny production that addresses our modern society in a sharply clever way.