Cryus Meurant

Cyrus Meurant

At the Sound Lounge

14 November

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Cyrus Meurant presents an evening of new compositions featuring a brilliant band of musicians with cellist Michael Bardon (Essener Philharmonic), flautist Nicky Crowe (BBC Symphony and SSO), saxophonist Andrew Smith (Nexas Quartet) and leading Australian percussionist Alison Pratt.


New works for vibraphone, flute, soprano saxophone and electric organ will be bookended with concert versions of the scores for Pars Pro Toto (Dance Makers Collective) and KLASH (Brett Morgan and the NCD).



Pars Pro Toto for flute/piccolo, cello and electric organ
Yen for solo vibraphone
Loure for solo flute*
Four Pieces for soprano saxophone and electric organ*
Klash for electric violin, alto/tenor saxophones, cello and multi-percussion