Australasian Art & Stageworks present

Chinese Opera – Monkey King & Princess Iron Fan

2016 Chinese New Year event

20 February


Part I: Chinese opera singing and excerpt performances.


Part II: Monkey King and Princess Iron Fan

The story is adapted from one of China’s four celebrated epic tales The Journey to the West. In this mythical tale, Tripiṭaka and his three disciples – Monkey, Sandy and Pigsy, travel to the west to obtain Buddhist scriptures. During their journey, they come across a Flaming Mountain and are unable to pass. Monkey pays a visit to the Princess at the Jade Cloud Summit to borrow her magical Iron Fan – the only fan made of holy palm leaf that has the power to extinguish the fire of the Flaming Mountain. Bearing an old grudge against Monkey, the Princess refuses to lend her fan and a fierce battle ensues between the two camps.


At first Monkey King was defeated under the power of the Fan which is able to blow anything many miles away with its giant whirlwinds. With the help of a wind-calming pearl from a Taoist monk, Monkey is able to return to face the Princess.  However, winning the battle does not help him to win the fan, Monkey has to use a magical trick! He transforms himself into a fly and lands inside the Princess’ tummy. Once inside, the monkey kicks and punches her until she gives up. Just before everyone thinks it is a happy ending, Monkey discovers the fan is fake as it actually increases the flame of the volcano…


Proudly funded by Multicultural NSW and sponsored by Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office.