Seymour Centre Presents

Best Festival Ever: How to Manage a Disaster

By Boho Interactive

31 May - 3 June

Do you reckon you’d be better at setting up portaloos than Michael Chugg? What about choosing a headline act?


Part theatre, part lecture and part board game, Best Festival Ever: How to Manage a Disaster is an amusing and engaging interactive theatre experience that places the audience in charge of programming and managing their own music festival.


In the intimate setting of the Seymour Centre Sound Lounge, up to 30 audience members are seated around a table and placed in charge of a music festival. Through a variety of interactive games, the audience moves from planning to execution, doing their best to keep the festival and its audience from collapsing into chaos.


The audience takes charge of designing, constructing and managing their festival, including; controlling rowdy campsite parties, assembling band lineups, dealing with artist tantrums and preventing moshpit fights. Responding to the rapidly escalating challenges of the situation requires cooperation, creativity and communication.


Once the festival planning is over, the audience has the opportunity to discuss the outcome with a climate scientist. In doing so, participants will gain a better understanding of complex systems and how to manage these systems in everyday life.


Best Festival Ever is part of the Great Ideas Performance Series 2017.


This work has been supported by Coney, University College London, Tipping Point, NEDNet Foundation, Arts House, Arts NSW and the Australia Council for the Arts.