Seymour Centre and Sport For Jove Theatre Co. Present


By Michael Gow

22 – 25 June

1985 NSW Premier’s Literary Award

The 30th anniversary of this seminal Australian work is marked by a powerful and inventive new production from Sport for Jove. Michael Gow’s epic and intimate story of family renewal, death and awakening is brought to life with an exceptional ensemble cast, offering students of the play, in the HSC or younger years, a must-see experience.


The coming of age story of Tom and Meg and their families celebrates a lost time and place in 1960s Australia that still expresses our deepest national, social and personal anxieties today. We are thrilled to present this national treasure in a vibrant new production.


Tom: You going away tomorrow?
Meg: We’re leaving really early.
Tom: Well… Have a good time.
Meg: Where are you going?
Tom: Up the coast. Some beach.