Sydney Festival 2017 presents

Anthropologies Imaginaires

9 - 15 Jan

"Making sounds like a Luciano Berio Piece, Donald Duck, beat boxing or boarding on a male soprano, Dharmoo was a singing sensation."

The Sprout

A distinguished composer and vocalist, Gabriel Dharmoo mixes musical styles to create a dialogue. He is an artist interested not only in music, but in what it can represent, and how it can be used to interrogate our cultural assumptions. An intellectual artist in the best sense, Dharmoo is equally concerned with beauty and meaning. In this performance he appears onstage by himself, evoking the chants and rituals of fictional, exoticised ‘others’ – the exorcisms of one tribe, the sung theatre of another. It’s all very fascinating, and our interest is further piqued by what appears onscreen behind the singer: various anthropologists and other humanities experts holding forth on the origins and meaning of these vocalisations.


Dharmoo’s purpose is quizzical and satirical; his creations hold a light up to our own cultural perspectives, provoking us to examine the way we look at others. A mischievous, funny and boldly original work.