Sydney Symphony Orchestra presents

Sydney Symphony Orchestra Concerts

27 - 29 Oct 2020

Past Event

Event cancelled week of 29 June 2020 due to COVID crisis.


The world class Sydney Symphony Orchestra presents school concerts at the Seymour as part of their Learning and Engagement program.

Travel by train, dance with a bull, march to the circus, fly with a witch, then ride off into the sunset! Students will be singing, clapping and dancing as they are introduced to the orchestra through pieces that inspire movement.

Tickets: School groups $12 per student. Teachers free.


Years K – 8 (Stages 1 – 4)
Stage 1 Music
Stage 2 Music
Stage 3 Music
Stage 4 Music


Resources: Teacher resource kits available for both concerts. Each kit includes activities, score excerpts, live recordings and lesson plans. Kits are $30 plus an additional $2.50 per student.


Conductor Anthony Pasquill

York Theatre

Tue 27 Oct 10:30am, 12pm
Wed 28 Oct 10:30am, 12pm
Fri 29 Oct 10:30am, 12pm

60 mins (no interval)

Students $12

Teachers free

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