The University of Sydney has a long-standing commitment to caring for Country and fostering sustainable practices. As part of the University, we too are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of our events and theatre productions.


Green cuisine

At our bars and café, instead of plastic options, you’ll find bamboo cutlery, paper straws, and paper cups. Plus, (in non-COVID times!) we provide free drinking water stations and encourage the use of Keep Cups to reduce reliance on bottled water and single-use cups.

When it comes to catering suppliers for our food outlets and functions, we pride ourselves on working with businesses committed to sustainable sourcing, packaging and delivery practices. We also strive to support as many local businesses as possible.

LHM Catering, the key perishables supplier for our café, is based in nearby Marrickville. They are committed to using local ingredients from Australian farmers and producers, and limiting their number of deliveries to reduce their carbon footprint. LHM’s used cooking oil is even repurposed for industrial soap.

Also based in Marrickville is our ice cream supplier, Serendipity. Proudly carbon-neutral, Serendipity pack their ice creams in recyclable packaging and reuse machine-cooling water in other parts of their factory. Plus, since 2014, they have been fully powered by green energy.

We also donate surplus items from our bars and café to charities like Oz Harvest and Wayside Chapel, and our commitment to diverting food products from landfill extends back-of-house too. We have a food scraps collection system in our office kitchen and main green room, and we donate these scraps to the University’s community garden compost.


Earth-loving lighting

On the audio-visual side, our technical production team has spent the last few years changing many of our lights to LED. This has been no mean feat for a complex, multi-venue performing arts centre like ours! All our external and foyer lights, plus the house lights in our three main theatres, are now LED, as are the flood lights and lighting rig in the York Theatre, and the flood lights in the Everest.

Swapping to LED has reduced our energy consumption significantly, and moving away from traditional lamps has also lessened our need for new bulbs and lighting gels. In turn, this has reduced the amount we send to landfill.


Paper-free programs

We’re also reducing our paper usage. We strongly encourage customers to opt for e-tickets rather than printed tickets, and our season show programs, which were previously printed, are now available electronically.

We are committed to creating an ongoing culture of environmental sustainability here at the Seymour. Working with our suppliers, hirers and resident companies, we are always looking for new ways to expand upon and finetune our current sustainable practices to minimise our impact on the earth.


Pictured: Attendee of Sydney Youth Theatre Festival, 1985

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