Little Triangle Presents

The Wild Party

15-24 Nov 2018

“Little Triangle’s potential for presenting quality small-scale musical theatre on a shoe-string is one of the most exciting things to happen in Sydney’s indie music theatre scene”

Stage Whispers


Based on the explosive 1928 poem by Joseph Moncure March, The Wild Party tells the story of the scintillating Queenie and her hot-tempered lover, Burrs. In a heated moment of violence and vulnerability, Burrs suggests the two throw a party to end all parties. With a guest list worthy of Sodom and Gomorrah, the party brims with vaudeville’s bawdiest. From a brassy stripper to a devilish playboy, a sinful brother act to a fading Broadway diva, an ex-boxing champ to an ex-chorus girl, a hopeful ingénue to a pair of hopeless producers, and a flock of vivacious chorines to a morphine addict, the line-up of characters are as wicked as they come. Tension builds when Queenie’s best friend and rival, Kate, arrives with her latest accessory, Mr. Black, who catches the eye of the enchanting hostess. During the wild night of a gin, skin and fun, the guests find themselves caught in a tangle of lust, limbs, and secrets. After midnight dies, however, they are left with feelings of hopelessness and regret that linger in the sobering morning light.



Adult themes, coarse language, violence, drug use and sexual references
Filming and photography not permitted

Creative Team

Music and Lyrics by Michael John LaChiusa
Book by Michael John LaChiusa & George C. Wolfe
Based on the poem by Joseph Moncure March
Director & Designer: Alexander Andrews
Music Director: Conrad Hamill
Producer: Rose McClelland
Choreographer: Madison Lee
Pianist: Alex Mau
Stage Manager: Christopher Starnawski


Georgina Walker
Matthew Hyde
Katelin Koprivec
Nick Errol
Jack Dawson
Victoria Zerbst
Michael Boulus
Samuel Skuthorp
Tayla Jarrett
Olivier Rahmé
Emily Hart
Zach Selmes
Simon Ward
Prudence Holloway
Madeleine Wighton
Victoria Luxton
Matilda Moran
Sophie Perkins
Jordan Warren
Rosalie Neumair