White Box Theatre & Seymour Centre present Richard Beynon's

The Shifting Heart

8 - 24 Mar 2018

White Box Theatre who bought you Blackrock (Seymour Centre) and Hurt (Belvoir Downstairs); and director Kim Hardwick (Sport for Jove’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest), presents the award winning and moving Australian classic, The Shifting Heart by Richard Beynon.


Set during Christmas in Melbourne in the 1950s, the story follows Italian immigrants, the Bianchis, as they attempt to create a new life in Collingwood, Australia. Tragedy strikes when Gino returns to the family home bloodied and battered.


The Shifting Heart is a story of friendship, marriage, trust, honesty and family but also offers an insight to the psychology of racism and its victims. This is a wonderful drama representing the migrant experience from Australia’s recent past.


Described as “exciting, funny and intensely moving”, The Shifting Heart asks us to reflect on the tragedy the Bianchis experience, it’s relevance to the stories of contemporary immigrants and our responsibility in those stories.



This production will be multilingual and is suitable for ages 12+

This performance contains some adult themes, violence and haze.
Filming and photography not permitted.



Tickets: School groups $25 (one teacher free per 20 students, additional teachers at student price)

Suitable for Years 8 – 12 (Stage 4 – 6 HSC)

Teacher’s resource kits will be available.

Q&As will follow 11am weekday shows.





Poppa Bianchi: Tony Poli

Momma Bianchi: Dina Panozzo

Gino Bianchi: David Soncin

Maria Fowler: Ariadne Sgouros

Clarry Fowler: Lucas Linehan

Leila Pratt: Di Smith

Donny Pratt: Laurence Coy

Detective-Sergeant Lukie: Laurence Coy




Director: Kim Hardwick

Set and Costume Designer: Isabel Hudson

Lighting Designer: Martin Kinnane

Sound Designer: Julian Starr