Arts Revue presents

That’s a Sketch by John Hughes

16 - 17 Aug 2019

The year is 1983. Wall Street is taking over and technology is on the rise. Lennon is dead, and so is radio. In spite of this, That’s a Sketch by John Hughes sees a group of 15 unsuspecting misfits form an unshakable bond when they stumble upon a life-changing discovery.


After inventing sketch comedy, this band of chums attempt to bring it to the world stage. John Hughes triumphantly returns in this two hour bitey fever dream full of satire, glory, and only mild nudity.


The University of Sydney Union brings you Arts Revue’s 22nd year. Arts Revue boasts some of the best student-devised comedy in town, and high-profile alumni such as The Chaser and Axis of Awesome.


Actually directed by Natali Caro and Rhys Bellamy.


Directors Natali Caro and Rhys Bellamy


Aidan Pollock
Alexandra Tanner
Alice Stafford
Antonia Minutolo
Eloise Callaghan
Isla Mowbray
Jacob MacLeod
Jimi Rouge
Jonathan Hiquiana Taneja
Karen Leong
Kate Bubalo
Liam Olsson
Matthew Forbes
Miski Omar
Ruby Innes