Sydney Uni Revue: THE VOID

28 - 29 Mar 2019

What is it? Where are we? Is it the place you go when you forget someone’s name? Is it the spinning wheel of death when you keep delaying software updates? Or is it a glitch in the very fabric of space-time itself? The point is, we’re here… and there’s not even a loyalty program!


The University of Sydney Union presents THE VOID – the best of the 2018 Revue Season plus new content from the quickest and wittiest improvisers USYD has to offer. This sensational cast of young emerging comedians will take to the stage to perform the top sketches from the Med, Law, Arts, Commerce, Education, Science, Vet, Womn’s, Queer, POC and International Revues. Directed by award-winning theatre-maker and clown Kate Walder, THE VOID promises to be a night unlike any other.


Director Kate Walder
Assistant Director Jestika Chand
Set Designer Antony Youssef
Music Director Jeremy Kindl
Choreographer Abbey Lenton
Costume Designers Jake Parker & Sasha Meaney
Stage Manager Declan Coyle
Producer Aaron Cornelius