Cerebral Palsy Alliance presents

Stem Cells for the Brain – Are We Letting Australians Down?

4 March 2020

Research into the potential of stem cells for treating brain conditions is progressing at a rapid pace. We want you to know more about the latest in stem cell research and therapies for the brain. Join us at our free public forum, Stem Cells for the Brain: Are We Letting Australians Down?, hosted by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.


The format of our evening will be short presentations from leading experts in the field followed by an interactive Q&A-style panel discussion.


This forum will cover:

  • What are stem cells?
  • What is the potential of stem cells for treating brain conditions?
  • What are the controversies or barriers?
  • What does the future of stem cell therapies look like in Australia?
  • How can you get involved and keep up-to-date with stem cell research?


If you have access requirements, please visit the Box Office or call us on 02 9351 7940 and we will process your booking for you.