Sydney Festival 2017 presents


11 - 15 Jan

"… a perfectly realised work, with every element fused into a seamless whole - Spectra is a deeply satisfying experience”

Dance Australia

A dialogue between artists from Townsville and Tokyo, Spectra is a fusion of Western contemporary dance and the expressive Japanese movement form Butoh.


To a score by renowned Japanese musician Jiro Matsumoto, and within a set by installation artist Tatsuo Miyajima (Connect with Everything, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia), Spectra explores the interconnection of the universe – illuminating the potency of intentional actions and their inherent power to bear fruit in the future.


A uniquely synergistic collaboration between Australia’s Dancenorth and featuring dancers from Japan’s Batik dance collective, Spectra is a display of rare athleticism and delicacy. Choreographed by Kyle Page and Amber Haines, it is a glorious sharing of cherished and complementary traditions.