SHIT seymour centre
Seymour Centre presents


By Patricia Cornelius

18-29 Jul

“Shit is provocative and tragic, bracing and bitterly funny.”

The Age


Written by Patricia Cornelius and directed by Susie Dee, SHIT is a compelling, raw and powerful play which examines the intersections of class and misogyny. It is provocative and tragic, heartbreaking, bracing and bitterly funny.


What happens when a girl spits, or swears, or screams, or shouts, or pulls down her pants to ‘moon’ someone from a car, or she laughs too loudly, or she fights, really fights, head butts and punches with her fists, or cuts her hair too short, and wears too much lipstick or none at all? Out of control girls, angry girls, nasty girls are a sight to behold. They’re terrifying, electrifying, they’re everything girls shouldn’t be, and we hate them.


This is a work about three such girls, Billy, Bobby and Sam. In it there’s not a single moment when they transcend their ugliness. There’s no indication of a better life – or, in fact, any inner life. They don’t believe in anything. They’re mean, foul-mouthed, downtrodden, hard-bitten, utterly damaged women. They’re neither salt of the earth nor sexy. They love no one and no one loves them. They believe the world is shit, that their lives are shit, that they are shit.


“The best written and made piece of local theatre in the Sydney Festival program so far, Patricia Cornelius’ unblinking study of three underclass women hits you like a slap in the face.” – The Sydney Morning Herald


Written by Patricia Cornelius
Director – Susie Dee
Producer – Laura Milke-Garner
Set & Costume Designer – Marg Horwell
Lighting Designer – Rachel Burke
Composer – Anna Liebzeit
Production/Stage Manager – Bec Moore
Cast – Peta Brady, Sarah Ward and Nicci Wilks