University of Sydney Union & Bright Ideas presents


23 - 27 Apr 2019

Arts student Luke’s excessive idolatry of the late Basquiat bars him from creating his own original works; yet he maintains that he himself is on the verge of greatness – something that he keeps trying to convince local waitress, Beth. Beth, a university dropout, swears she’s fine waiting tables, but her coworker Holly isn’t so sure. Holly is desperate to get out of the cafe, out of her small-town life, and she’ll do anything to make it happen. And all along, SAMO IS DEAD.

Creative Credits

Director Sophia Bryant
Assistant Director Will York
Artistic Director Dani Maher
Writer/Producer Jodi Rabinowitz
Assistant Producer Camille Karski
Set Mark Bell
Set Assistant Nicole Pingon
Art Curator Jess Zlotnick
Art Curator assistant Fergus Berney-Gibson
Costume Jake Starr
Costume assistant Nina Mountford
Graphic Designer Charlie Yuncken
Graphic design assistant Rachel Seeto
Photographer Olivia Repaci
Videographer Claudia Bailey
Assistant Lighting Designer Christina McKune
Sound Designer Georgia Condon
Assistant Sound Designer Matthew Forbes
Stage Managers Tim McNaught
Stage Hand Sarah Jasem