Seymour Centre and Siren Theatre Co present


17 Feb 2018

Playlist: a peek, taste, and celebration of new works by LGBTQIA+ writers


Where will the new gay Australian plays be written and produced over the next 40 years of Mardi Gras?  What are the stories and how will they be told?


Playlist invites writers, theatre-makers and new talent to tell bold, unique LGBTQIA+ stories on stage for audiences hungry for new voices.


Playlist is a partnership between Seymour Centre, Mardi Gras and Siren Theatre Co which celebrates the creation and development of original Australian theatre with LGBTQIA+ focus.


We identify and support diversity and new talent and get queer stories, and queer theatre out there for all audiences to consider and enjoy.


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Mardi Gras at Seymour Centre is produced by the Seymour Centre in association with Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.


9.00am – Breakfast Play 

Grab a pastry and a coffee and start your day with a new play.

We will follow the reading with a brief discussion with the playwright

Chiaroscuro by David Atfield (ACT)

directed by Lachlan Philpott

An erotic psychodrama about the creation of art. It is set in Messina in Sicily, Italy, in 1608 and imagines a relationship between Caravaggio and one of his models who is posing as the naked Lazarus in his painting ‘The Raising of Lazarus’



10.30am – BREAK


10.45am – Mid Morning Play

More coffee!

Again, our writer will be present and we’ll chat following the reading.

Kenonis Kiss by Leah Pellinkhof (NSW)

directed by Kate Gaul

Emily has just returned home from gay conversion therapy and her conservative Christian family believes they have managed to pray the gay away. Emily thinks so too… Then she meets the girl. And then there is the kiss…



12.15pm – A session of two halves over lunch

Bring your lunch and enjoy hearing two first acts of two different plays.

Our writers will be present and we’ll have a brief discussion about the work, its genesis and where to next!


Bushfire by Michael Louis Kennedy (NSW)

A black comedy about a gang of interracial queer youth who break into homes of rich families and kill them to make a political statement. This is about the horrible things we do in the name of love.

Spindrift by Grace Barnes (NSW)

The Northern beaches, 1970 and the present… this exquisite drama explores coming out, the power of secrets and the pull of the sea.



2.15pm – BREAK


2.30pm – 5.30pm – Salon pieces – scenes, shorts, spoken word

This is a phantasmagoria of worlds followed by discussion with the artists.


Political Children by Felicity Nicol (NSW)

With the passing of Marriage Equality it is easy to think Australia is done with the the LGBTQIA+ fight for equal rights. What about our rainbow kids, and a program that was saving lives?  A selection of work from this hard-hitting verbatim look at the Safe Schools controversy that asks – where to from here?

Sissy by Adam Fawcett (VIC)

The opening scenes of what’s planned as an extravaganza of situations encountered by our Queens during their lives, ranging from family, dating, work, entertainment, pop culture and death, and an examination of  men’s obsession with body image, voice control and physicality.

Treading Water by Julie Galvin (Sapphire Beach)

Jemma is finding her place in the world whilst negotiating the ‘otherness’ of her sexuality. Tense is the new girl at school.  Beautiful and effortlessly cool, it appears that the rules rarely apply to her


Video Games by Tamara Natt (VIC)

Set amongst the cane fields and suburban spot fires of Southern Queensland, ‘Video Games’ is a queer exploration of love, inertia and highway-town daydreams. Three voices, one tragic event and the whispers of The Real Australia becoming louder than they can bear.




5.30pm – 7.30pm – Networking drinks in the Courtyard

Buy a drink and continue the conversations, meet other artists.