University of Sydney Union presents

Law Revue: Austin Powers of Attorney

22 - 25 Aug 2018

Whether you want skit comedy about arms-trafficking pandas, a more tap dance-heavy analysis of the geopolitics of the Asia Pacific region, or an introduction to taxation law with a bit more of a burlesque feel, The 2018 Sydney Law Revue has something for everyone.


Written, produced, and performed by the student body of Sydney University’s law school, the Revue is a two hour comedy show. And what better environment could there be for inspiring comedy than a law school? Between the rollicking humour of misplaced apostrophes in textbooks and the side-splitting antics of non-italicised case names, the whole degree is like one long Fawlty Towers episode.


Proceeds raised by the Revue go to the Redfern Legal Centre. Correspondingly, any money lost by the Revue will be deducted from the Redfern Legal Centre.


Warning: This production contains nudity, coarse language and sexual references. Restricted to ages 16+.


Directors: Lucy Lester and Tom Davidson-McLeod
Producers: Isobel McDonald and Samantha Ryu
Assistant Directors: Floyd Alexander-Hunt, Stephanie Noronha, Noah Vaz
Choreographers: Maddy De Dassel, Maddie Scott, Dale Scutts
Music and Singing Director: Sean Perry
Crew Manager: Calida Tang
Assistant Producers: Anne Kim and Joanne Lim
Marketing Officer: Tanvi Patel