La Voce School of Contemporary Singing presents

La Voce Live 2018

11 Dec 2018

La Voce School of Contemporary Singing is proud to present its end of year concert series, La Voce Live 2018. As the school’s largest event of the year, La Voce will showcase two shows to celebrate the student’s hard work with their end of year performances. ’La Voce Live’, provides students with a platform to showcase their skills. It is an opportunity for students to overcome the challenges of performing live, honing their craft by focusing on vocal delivery, emotional investment and stage presence.


This year La Voce will present shows packed with outstanding performers, with each soloist singing their favourite songs of this era. Audiences can expect to be treated to an array of powerful and emotionally charge performances.


La Voce wishes to thank the people that help put these shows together. 
Diana Matesic (Platinum Design) – Graphic designer and Sound technician
DJ Liche – 2RDJ Radio
Joe Fidow – Inner Soul Entertainment