The USU and Baby Boy Bolognese present

Holt! The Musical

2 - 3 February 2018

What ever happened to Harold Holt?


This is a question Australians have been asking ever since his mysterious watery disappearance.


The question we should have been asking is: who was Harold Holt?


‘Holt! The Musical’ is the tale of Australia’s most unlikely Prime Minister. It charts his rise to power from lowly cabinet minister to Treasurer, through the Great Depression, the Vietnam war and several infidelities. Equally it is the tale of Zara, his wife, and the one that stands with him through it all.


We all know how the story ends: Harold Holt goes down to Cheviot Beach and never comes back.


But the story doesn’t really end there. Following his disappearance Australia plunges into darkness, the evil forces of equal share and free healthcare take over as communism sweeps across the land. Who will save Australia? Will it be Gough Whitlam? Gee I hope it’s Gough Whitlam.


‘Holt! The Musical’ is a raucous journey through Australia’s history; real and imagined. Featuring an eclectic mix of genres and tracking Australia from the Great Depression, through to the swinging 70’s and into a Mad-Max-Water-World-Thunderdome future, ‘Holt!’ is the untold story of Australia’s past, present, and future.


Warnings: This performance contains coarse language, haze and use of prop weapons.

Filming and photography not permitted.
A lockout period applies for latecomers.


Book Alexander Richmond
Director Alexander Richmond & Jacinta Gregory
Producer Jess Zlotnick
Music and lyrics Jos Markerink & Jacinta Gregory
Arrangement Laura Heuston & Josie Gibson
Music Director Jos Markerink
Choreography Felicia Addison