Sydney Theatre Company and Seymour Centre present

The Tragedy of Hamlet: Prince of Skidmark

A Badaptation of the Bard by The Listies

4 - 22 Jul 2018

One of the funniest introductions to Shakespeare imaginable.

★★★★ Sunday Telegraph


After winning over everyone who came to see it in 2016, this very cheeky, very clever, utterly irreverent riff on Hamlet – made especially for children – is back for an eagerly anticipated return season. The Listies, maestros of children’s entertainment, have pulled apart Shakespeare’s classic and glued it back together with hilarious costumes, loads of silliness and plenty of interactivity.


Hamlet is already full of things kids love in a good story: ghosts, castles, sword fights, bodily fluids and spooky stuff. Add to the mix some super-sonic gags and expertly timed stage magic unlike anything kids have seen before and you have a brilliantly disguised Shakespearean tragedy for everyone aged five and over.


And that’s not all… expect bonus pillow fights, pirates, ninjas, ninja pirates, aliens, ninja pirate aliens, zombies and a bunch of other hilarious stuff as The Listies take kids and their adults on a fun-filled hour of theatre. The only thing we can be sure of is that everyone dies at the end – including the audience!


Suitable for ages 5+






Co-Created by Declan Greene, Richard Higgins and Matt Kelly
Director Declan Greene
Designer Renée Mulder
Lighting Designer Verity Hampson
Composer & Sound Designer Jed Palmer
Richard Higgins
Matt Kelly
Courtney Stewart


The Listies are the maestros of children’s theatre. Their inventive storytelling, comedic genius and infectious imaginations make kids all over the world fall in love with theatre while howling with laughter.


Now, they have created a very cheeky, very clever, wonderfully interactive version of Hamlet for children. This brilliantly crafted comic adventure shatters the fourth wall and glues it back together with silly jokes and wonderfully inspired narration.


Hamlet is full of thrilling things that kids love in a good story: ghosts, castles, sword fights, bodily fluids and spooky stuff. With perfectly pitched gags, expertly timed stage trickery and special effects unlike anything kids have seen before, this is a very cleverly disguised Shakespearean tragedy for everyone aged five and over.


The Listies take kids on a fun-filled hour of clowning mayhem that mischievously celebrates the excitement and unpredictable nature of live theatre. It’s not only the most fun you can have in the theatre, it’s the best school excursion ever!


Tickets: School groups $25* (one teacher free per 20 students, additional teachers at $32)
*Only available for the following shows: Wed 4 Jul 10:30am, Thu 5 Jul 10:30am & Fri 6 Jul 10:30am


Suitable for Years K – 6 (Early Stage 1 – 3)


Teacher resource kits will be available.


Q&As will follow performances on Wed 4 Jul, Thu 5 Jul & Fri 6 Jul.