Sport for Jove Theatre Company, She Said Theatre and Seymour Centre present


6 - 22 April

“All locked away, you said, no one can hold it against you once it’s all locked away.”

London, 1848. Six women have been given a second chance. Their pasts behind them, they have been promised a clean slate on the other side of the world, in the new colonies of Australia.


Sealed off from the outside world, they cook, they clean, they sing, they sew – they practice the art of being female while they wait for their new lives to begin. But as the date of departure draws near, the women begin to wonder what reinvention will cost them. What will such promises make them do? And what about the fall yet to come, the tumble down the edge of the world to a far-away continent… What is waiting for them? Are they prepared for it? Are they ready? Are they ready?


Inspired by the history of Urania Cottage, a home for “fallen” women founded by Charles Dickens, this imaginative new Australian work asks what happens when the promise of a clean slate is built on the suppression of the past.


Presented by Sport for Jove Theatre Company & She Said Theatre
Written by Seanna van Helten
Directed by Penny Harpham


Fallen was developed with the support of Playwriting Australia at the National Script Workshop 2016.