Secondary Education Program

We are delighted to present our secondary education program, aimed at providing high-quality arts education for high school students. Incorporating a diverse array of productions, workshops and seminars, this program is suitable for students in Stage 4 through to Stage 6 HSC.

This year, students can look forward to many excellent theatre productions from our resident company, Sport for Jove. Helmed by Artistic Director, Damien Ryan, Sport for Jove will present a range of classic Shakespearean works with direct relevance to the NSW curriculum, allowing students to broaden their knowledge of key texts in an immersive setting. 

Sport for Jove will also present an updated version of their lauded HSC Symposium series. Led by Ryan and supported by a cast of company actors, these interactive symposiums provide high school students the chance to extend their learning and engage in intellectually rigorous conversation about key HSC English texts. Theatrical and dramatic analysis is coupled with curriculum-based insights for an invaluable experience.

Please browse our secondary education program here, then follow the prompts to select your event and organise your visit. We look forward to welcoming you and your students to the Seymour soon.

View our secondary Arts Education Program, and view our 2022 Arts Education brochure at the link below. 

2022 Arts Education Brochure


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