Timothy Jones

Seymour Centre’s Artistic Director and General Manager

Tim began his career as an actor, performing for St Martin's Youth Arts and Playbox in Melbourne before moving to Sydney and graduating from NIDA with a BFA in Acting.

He spent 10 years performing in film and TV, and for companies including Sydney Theatre Company, Belvoir, New England Theatre Co and the NIDA Company. 

In 1999 Tim took up a full-time role as the Artistic Associate of the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP), where he developed his commitment to delivering quality performing arts experiences for young people, a commitment that still informs his ongoing professional arts practice.

In 2005 he became the Artistic Director of ATYP, and went on to develop and direct over 14 new theatre works for young performers, including productions by leading Australian writers such as Louis Nowra, Michael Gow, Patricia Cornelius and Debra Oswald (directing the premiere of her works Stories in the Dark, in 2007, and Skate, which toured to the Belfast Festival in 2005).

In 2008, he directed the world premiere of The Musicians by Patrick Marber for Sydney Festival in a partnership with the National Theatre (UK). He also focused on developing the skills of young playwrights, primarily through the establishment of Fresh Ink, a web-based development program for young writers across Australia.

Since 2009 Tim has been the Artistic Director and General Manager of the Seymour Centre, where he has worked to establish a clear cultural purpose for the Centre as a university arts centre, inspired by the history and practice of international university arts centres, particularly those in the USA.

In practice this has involved creating performances and curated programs that take their direction from the purpose and values of the University of Sydney, embracing risk taking, diversity and inclusion, providing platforms for new voices and exploring ideas through quality performance.

To achieve this, he has developed and directed new theatre works including Transparency by Suzie Miller; two versions of The Hansard Monologues by Katie Pollock and Paul Daley; 2071, an adaptation of a work about climate change by Duncan Macmillan; and in 2019, the premiere of Made to Measure by Alana Valentine, developed in partnership with the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney.

Tim and the Seymour team have also developed a range of aligned programs and partnerships to enliven the Centre each year, including Courtyard Sessions (new music), an annual Arts Education program, and presenting partnerships with Sydney Festival, Sydney Writers’ Festival and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. 

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