People of Colour Revue Society presents

The Bewitching Hour

2 - 4 Apr 2020

Past Event

Event cancelled week of 16 March 2020 due to COVID crisis.

The clock strikes twelve. October 31st. We all know the deal; ghosts, witches and ghouls galore. But there’s something strange in this neighbourhood. A shadow lurking behind every corner. Grandma’s been possessed by a white coloniser ghost. (Wait. Or is that just her?)

Peer into a world besieged by the undead and those who still prowl the Earth for the best comedy show on this side of the hemisphere. Expect smut, satire, and a spooky serving of camp.

After all, is there anything more frightening than a Halloween show in April? Systemic racism, probably. PoC Revue presents: The Bewitching Hour. This tantalising affair will leave you quaking at every twist and turn. But don’t ask us. Listen to the spirits.

Directed by Karen Leong and Jack Rawlings, assisted by Angie Mao
Produced by Amelia Mertha and Lena Wang
Choreographed by Ping-Hui Ho
Graphic Design by Veronica Lin

Reginald Theatre

Thu 2 Apr 7:30pm
Fri 3 Apr 7:30pm
Sat 4 Apr 7:30pm

95 mins (including interval). Lockouts apply.

Full $22
Full time student $18
Access Rewards member $15

Contains haze, smoke, loud noises, strobe lighting, use of prop weapons, violence, coarse language, sexual references and adult themes. Photography and filming permitted.

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