Plus Voice Creation presents

The 11th Voice Festival - Sydney

18 Apr 2020

Past Event

Event cancelled week of 9 March 2020 due to COVID crisis.

Be it singing, recitation or drama, the time has come for members of Sydney’s Japanese community to show off the results of their hard work and dedication to the love of their craft.

This event is for:

  • Anyone who has difficulties finding a stage to perform
  • Anyone who would like to show off a new repertoire or song
  • Anyone who just try something NEW!!

Beginning in November 2016, Japanese voice trainer Hisae Kato started this as a small event for her students and it has grown in popularity each time.

Most of the performance is in Japanese but the MC will be in English and Japanese.

Once you see it, you'll want to join. Once you join it, you'll be obsessed. It's your time to shine!

Sound Lounge

Sat 18 Apr 3pm

240 minutes (including interval)

Pre-sale $25
Under 15 $15
Door sales $30