Sydney Moves Workshops Series by Shaun Parker & Company


13 Oct - 15 Dec 2020

Past Event

Pantsula is a distinctive dance style that emerged during Apartheid in South Africa. This energetic and spontaneous dance expressions of black townships continue to amaze and inspire young people across the world. Zimbabwe-born dance artist Thubalethu Ndibali is an experienced Pantsula teacher who introduced this dance form to Shaun Parker & Company.

In these one-hour weekly workshops, participants will gain important knowledge about the cultural context of Pantsula.

Rooted in a spirit of empowerment and freedom, learning this Panthula will help to build the participant’s self-confidence. Through the learning of energetic, technical footwork, participants will benefit from a great physical and mental workout. In the intermediate level group, participants will develop their ability to retain choreography. The open class will open an opportunity for all dance lovers to gain a cultural understand of Pantsula dance while learning the movements and techniques. Thuba will also bring in hip-hop street flavour to ‘mix-up’ the dance routines to ensure every class will be unique and fresh.

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Artistic Director/Choreographer: Shaun Parker

Workshop Leader/ Dancer/ Collaborator: Thuba Ndibali

Project Producer: Shiya Lu

Production Coordinator: Imogen Bouchier

Beginner (8 - 12 years)

Tuesdays 13 Oct - 5 Dec 4pm

Intermediate (13 - 18 years)

Tuesdays 13 Oct - 5 Dec 5:30pm

Open (all ages)

Tuesdays 13 Oct - 5 Dec 7:00pm

60 minutes weekly.

General Admission 10 Session Package $100
Concession 10 Session Package $90
Creative Kids 10 Session Package $100
General Admission Single Session $12
Concession Single Session $10

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