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Red Line Productions presents

JUST tricking, annoying, stupid, crazy, disgusting, shocking, doomed LIVE ON STAGE!

1 - 3 Sep 2020

Past Event

Event cancelled due to COVID crisis.

Andy Griffiths’ JUST books are brought to vivid and hilarious life in this world premiere.

Every year Andy’s school holds a short story competition and every year Andy writes an awesome, captivating, TERRIFYING story. But every year he is robbed of winning, thwarted by dumb stories about kittens and sunshine. How is that possible?!

Because Mr. Rowe is against him–the game is rigged! Mr. Rowe wouldn’t know a good story if it jumped off the page and bit him on the bum. What kind of person doesn’t like action and monsters and explosions and aliens?!

Who cares that technically Andy’s been banned from entering the short story competition after last year’s… incident. This year he knows the prize is within his grasp. All he has to do is write the most INCREDIBLE story the world has ever read! Easy!

With the help of his best friend, Danny, the love of his life, Lisa (but if you tell anyone he said that, he’ll feed you to a giant slug), his somewhat trusty dog, Sooty, and a lifetime of crazy, shocking, and just plain DISGUSTING experiences, Andy sets out on an adventure that will ensure flawless victory. As long as his brussels sprouts farts don’t poison them all before morning!

The JUST series is where it all began for me and it will be JUST amazing to see these crazy/annoying/stupid stories come alive on stage!
Andy Griffiths

Tickets: School groups $23 per student. One teacher free per 10 students, additional teachers at student price.



Years 3 – 6
Stage 2 English, Creative Arts, PDHPE
Stage 3 English, Creative Arts, PDHPE


Resources: Teacher resource kits will be available for all bookings.


Adapted from the JUST series books written by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

Writer Robin Goldsworthy

Everest Theatre

Tue 1 Sep 10am, 12:30pm
Wed 2 Sep 10am, 12:30pm
Thu 3 Sep 10am, 12:30pm

60 mins (no interval)

Students $23

$6 transaction fee applies

Photography and filming prohibited.

The only authorised ticket seller for this event is Seymour Centre. If you purchase from an unauthorised seller, you risk that your tickets may be fake or invalid.