Green Door Theatre Company and Seymour Centre present

Usual Girls

by Ming Peiffer

15 - 31 Oct 2020

★★★★ "A primal scream of a play."

Time Out


On a school playground in suburban Ohio, Kyeoung and her friends get into an argument with a boy. Rory threatens to tell the teacher—unless, of course, one of the girls agrees to kiss him.


“Why do you even need a kiss?” Kyeoung asks. “Because that’s what girls are supposed to give boys,” says Rory. “That’s why we even play with them.”


Told through a series of vignettes spanning the 1980s to present, Usual Girls is a blisteringly honest account of the painful, wondrous transition from girlhood to womanhood.


Battling both misogyny and racism, Kyeoung must navigate brutal terrain as she grows up, and the persistent self-loathing, the preconceptions and prejudice, the mean girls and the cruel boys, are all too agonisingly familiar.


Raw, refreshing and profoundly relevant, Green Door Theatre Company’s Australian premiere production of Usual Girls explores how women are shaped and shamed by men, and presents an incisive challenge to the way we perceive and co-opt female sexuality.


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Director Courtney Stewart
Creative Producer Leila Enright
Associate Creative Producer Bernadette Fam
Production Coordinator Margaret Thanos