Trapped in Mykonos
Gravas presents

Trapped In Mykonos

(Iphigenia at Aulis) By Euripides

4 - 13 April

In this contemporary take on the classic tale, Agamemnon prepares to lead his troops against Troy in search of Lady Helen. Unable to set sail due to unfavourable winds, the fleet remains stuck on Mykonos. Agamemnon soon learns that this is no ordinary weather defect, but the will of the gods who are withholding his men because he has caused offense. 
Questions of priority emerge between kinship and kingship, as Agamemnon is forced to make a choice that will echo throughout the ages as he must decide whether to make the ultimate sacrifice.

This play asks the time honoured question – “what makes a hero ?” – and examines the high price that must be paid to satisfy greed.

This show has a complete lock-out after 5 minutes.