Seymour Centre and Sport For Jove Theatre Co. present

The Tempest

By William Shakespeare

16 - 18 May

"O brave new world that hath such people in't"

Sport for Jove’s thrilling 90 minute The Tempest is a must see for HSC students studying the play, Drama students studying theatre and middle school students being introduced to Shakespeare for the first time.


One of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, The Tempest is a symphonic vision of forgiveness, discovery and self-discovery – famous for its language, context, enchanting characters and breathtaking theatricality, a reflection of the world’s most famous playwright at the height of his powers and at the end of his remarkable career. What is it like to let go of the things that give us power and control?


Prospero is a character full of oceanic passions. Why does someone shut themselves off from the world and study magic? What gives someone a desire for godlike power? What kind of a man raises his daughter without telling her a single thing about her past? What kind of a man adopts a child and then makes them his slave? Prospero is a character unable to forgive, slowly killing himself with his own bitterness. Learning to let go of his power and control is one of the deep journeys of discovery that drive this great play.


But this tempest is not only in Prospero – the storm lies in the contradictions and ambiguities the story throws up about freedom and slavery, civilisation and barbarism, legacy and letting go, lust and chastity, youth and age, revenge and forgiveness. The sea is a place of transformation but also represents the capriciousness of nature, chaos or fate. The sea is our greatest metaphor for discovery.


Director: Damien Ryan


Tickets: School groups $25 (one teacher free per 10 students, additional teachers at student price)

Suitable for Years 8 – 12 (Stage 4 – 6)

Teacher’s resource kits will be available on confirmation of booking.