The Piano Diaries
Joanna Weinberg presents

The Piano Diaries

12 December

'The Piano Diaries will only take about an hour of your time. But it'll give pleasure and meaning that'll last for hours, days, weeks, months, or even years, after.'

Brad Sykes, Australian Theatre Review, March 2011

Brilliant original songs inspired by her grandmother’s piano, Joanna Weinberg holds the audience spellbound as she tells her life story (including murder, mayhem and migration to Australia) using the piano as a diary.

Weinberg has revealed herself as a consummate cabaret performer and a fascinating singer/songwriter. Though born in London, Joanna Weinberg spent her childhood in South Africa. She has had an interesting life, much of which is only hinted at in this compelling cabaret.  From the moment she took her place at the piano, elegant in a figure-hugging long dress, long gloves and a red flower tucked in her hair, Weinberg intrigued and enthralled her audience, both as a superb singer and gifted raconteur.’  Bill Stephens, Canberra Critics Circle