Arts Revue 2018
Arts Revue presents

The Death of Arts Revue

12 - 15 Sep 2018


We invite you to join us at the Seymour Centre on the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th of September to celebrate the life of Arts Revue.


At twenty-one years of age Arts Revue was known for nurturing the comedic spirit of groups such as the Chaser, Axis of Awesome, and Freudian Nip. Arts Revue was always the one that helped people connect through their love of backyard stand up, dank goth raves, and hot takes.


Across the evening will we navigate the theatrical graveyard with the grieving comics that Arts Revue has left behind, and with laughter, mourn the loss of this young soul and celebrate the legacy the we have been left with. Arts Revues, in their life, has provided support, encouragement, and nurtured all of us. Arts Revue always had a kind word and a shoulder ready to cry on; we will never be the same, we are lost souls in need of its guidance, outcasts in a world unready and unwilling to laugh with us or even at us. We hope you find it in your hearts to join us and pay your respects.


Arts Revue – may you rest in laughter.


Warning: This production contains drug use, coarse language and sexual references. Restricted to ages 15+


Directed by: Gemma Black and Kate McGuinness
Produced by: Evangeline Cook & Zoe Whitewolfe
Featuring: Alice Healy, Charlie Meller, Harriet Lugsdin, Isabella Wilcock, Issy Phillips, Kasia Vickery, Kate Wilkins, Kevin Duo Jin, Lauren McNaight, Mandy Chen, Margot Beavon-Collin, Miski Omar, Natali Caro, Rhys Bellamy, Sophia Chung, Sophie Strykowski, Thomas Doyle, Violet Williams